Letting Go

In the mellow dunes of amber, there are weeds bending like wires in the wind
Where the cattails bat playfully at the sky;
That is where they dwell and keep; these selfless, innocent loves o’ mine.
Too pure and true to know anything otherwise, their eyes shine brightly with trust and love
N’er I could do them any harm, yet will who I am…always be enough?
When their little hands slip silently into my own do they sense how frightened I am?
In my deepest darkness it was their lights which shone
It is only but for their smiles, I know I somehow can.
Oh little ones, wrap your arms around me, let me hold you and feel the beating of your hearts
Let us dance under the moon by the twinkling sea; Let us drink up all that is merry, lest we one day be apart.
When her boy grows into a fine young man her heart strings weep sorrowfully in silence
For the loss of her child’s hand; She smiles sweetly, as she cries inside at the violence.
How suddenly his hand had outgrown its place; How urgently his mind began reaching beyond her
Oh, how violent is this now empty space which once contained all that was in her.
Now many years long and settling in this place, she’s found a new space in their hearts
She cries out when they become displaced and their ferocity tears her apart.
Have you not learned from watching this world? Have your eyes not seen destruction enough?
Have you strayed so far from your truth? Have you forgotten and forsaken your love?
What bloody words do you spat in your brother’s eye?
What poison with glutton do you drink?
What bridges do you burn with such might?
Come tomorrow, what will your heads think?
This mother grieves in anguish and torment for the loss of all that once was so sound
She yearns  for their long dead innocence, for in this turmoil and lonliness, she is sure to drown.
One hand reaches out to her so sweetly…
At its sight she is pulled swiftly to where the light shone
Oh, now there are two hands…so completely
Joining as one, once again, with her own.
 Mine are no Cain and Able, but are strong; No dull blade of darkness can sever their line
Though days of strife may sometimes go long, they are brothers, in love and truth, for as long as time.

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