All That I Am

I am holding good intentions
I bleed when I see your tears
I am a master of retention
I am scalded by my own fears.

I can paint a different sunrise
In every persons mind
For words are my tools in life
Yet I cannot tell you why.

I am frightened by your anger
I am frightened by my own
I am at your mercy
When tenderness is shown

I can see the road
I cannot see the path
I am at a crossroads
Yet I’m running much too fast.

I am yearning for peace
Yet I create confusion
When I am told to take a seat
I become an explosion

I can clearly see my dreams
But the space in between is mottled
I yearn to express my love
My anger remains bottled

I am not so far fetched
To believe in sunshine as fair game
My thoughts are not so stretched
To not include the rain.

My life is not out of sequence
I am not completely whole
I am wonderfully romantic
I am not all that I know.

I am love trapped indoors
I am bursting to be free
I am unsure of my position
I am longing to be me.

I am lacking in responsibility
I am a source of compassion
I am afraid to let you down
I am afraid of my own passion

I see things that you do not
I sometimes know what is true
I have a very clear picture
I truly love you

I feels things like a picture
They are visual to me
I am careful not to hurt you
I am not all that you see.

I am a big heart
I am tingling inside
I crumble with criticism
Often I will hide

I a very large
I am fear and sadness and pain
I am life and love and happiness
I am all that I have gained

I will be everything to you
I will be nothing at all
I will create what is in your heart
I will sometimes be very small

I am all things in life
That are good and bad
Right or wrong
Happy or sad

I am a product of my knowledge
I am proud of who I am
I have room to grow and grow
I do not know the end.

3 thoughts on “All That I Am

  1. Hi Rayne, I was just popping in to see what you have been doing. I like this poem very much, especially the line: ‘I am all that I have gained.’ Everything, good and bad, makes us who we are and your poem really expresses how important all our experiences are. Just a great poem. All my best to you, Ruth 🙂


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