Interview with Author Rachelle Ayala


The World Literary Café is hosting an exciting new 3 day event, from October 8-10, 2012.  Several phenomenal authors will be giving their books away for free! Today I am visiting with Rachelle Ayala, Author of the thrilling novel, Broken Build, which is one of the books being offered. 


This is a MUST READ interview. Enjoy!


1.     Hi, Rachelle.  This is an exciting event!  Can you tell your readers how they can participate?

Sure! They can download all the free books, buy all the recommended ones and give honest reviews to all the books. It’s a reader’s party, so let’s celebrate.

Many readers never think to give a review. But I see it as almost a closing ceremony to a good book. The last savoring moment is writing the review. I’ve been reviewing for Amazon for more than a decade, been a Vine reviewer and am now a top-1000 reviewer. Reviews are the final consummation of the relationship between a reader and an author and a chance for the reader to talk back.


2.     Your featured book, Broken Build is one of the books that will be available.  Can you give your readers a quick synopsis?

 Jen Jones hides a horrible secret behind her new degree, toned body, and exciting job at Silicon Valley’s hottest startup—until a man from her past is killed in a hit-and-run.

 CEO and founder Dave Jewell is about to land a huge deal. What he doesn’t need is blood on his car, threatening phone calls, and Jen wrapped in broken code and blackmail.

 A gang of thugs hunts Jen, and she takes refuge in Dave’s protective arms. Together, they must thwart a killer and rescue an innocent victim from their past. Love blossoms, but a damaging revelation points straight at Jen, threatening to tear them apart forever.

 3.     Your main characters, Jen Jones and Dave Jewell, are an incredible match and you can’t help but want to cheer them on.  Will they be making another appearance in any of your future books?

 They do go through some really trying times. I just finished a marathon proofreading session for the paperback, and I feel emotionally beat up with all the pain they endured. Perhaps I shouldn’t give this away, but they will make cameo appearances in Hidden Under Her Heart. I don’t anticipate them as main characters in a future book. Their happiness was too hard won to make me toss them through the emotional wringer again.


 4.     Broken Build is immersed in the tech world, yet doesn’t seem ‘technical’.  Can you tell us a little bit about how you managed to balance that out so beautifully?

 None of my critique partners were technical, so they called me out right away. One person even asked me whether  “female build engineers” were such a big book buying market. Well, actually not.

 What I did was make sure the technical bits were there for realism, but that none of the murder mystery or plot points depended on understanding the technical details. Obviously the technical reader enjoys a few more subplot moments. I had four female engineers as beta readers, two build engineers and two programmers. All four vouched for the technical bits and enjoyed the love story and mystery as well.

 I do admit I might lose a star here or there because of the techy parts, but overall, the reaction is positive and one reviewer said she managed to learn more about computers after reading the book.


 5.     How do you connect with your readers?

 So far, it’s been mainly through the Internet. However I have a couple of local readers, mostly people I knew already. I am going to a book signing end of October and that will be a chance to meet potential readers.

I’m actually very open to people e-mailing me and discussing my book. They don’t even have to like it. It’s like I know my characters so well, if anyone asks a question about them, I can spin up the answer as if they were my family members. Okay, what is Dave’s favorite color? Amber, of course! For a picture of Jen’s engagement ring, look at this Pinterest board


 6.     If your readers miss the opportunity to pick up a copy of Broken Build during this event, where else can they find it? If they want a free copy, all they have to do is e-mail me and I’ll gift one. I may make them answer some quiz questions to see if they’ve read my blog, (just kidding), but nothing as hard as the Sphinx’s riddle.

I will be running Goodreads Giveaways for Broken Build paperback (a $12.49 value) for the next six months, so be sure to enter. I will also do occasional Rafflecopter giveaways for the e-book. Watch my blog!





Twitter:                       @AyalaRachelle


Rachelle Ayala

 Rachelle Ayala was a software engineer until she discovered storytelling works better in fiction than real code. She has over thirty years of writing experience and has always lived in a multi-cultural environment. The tapestry of characters in her books reflect that diversity.

     Rachelle is currently working on story dealing with women and contemporary issues. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has three children and has taught violin and made mountain dulcimers.

World Literary Cafe Event:

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  1. I like the idea of a quiz, and the Sphinx’s riddle was not that hard as I remember lol, best of luck with Broken Build Rachelle, Rayne this was perfect as always 🙂


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