I Just Wanted You to Know…



How can I thank you?  How can I possibly put into words my immense gratitude?  It’s brimming over.  I have reminders of you and your lovely, gracious and giving heart at every turn in my day.   I am blissfully distracted by you.

You are bold and you are a beautiful soul.  You are a teacher; a best friend; a lover; and a gentleman.  You are a future New York Times Best Selling Author, for goodness sake! You have a way of taking twenty tons off my chest just by smiling at me the way you do.  The smile that I know is only for me.

Only good things will come your way very soon.  No hearts of gold are left in the dust for very long.  Until that moment, keep a safeguard on the knowing that your heart is true and good.  That it is DESERVING.

Never forget…I am walking this path with you, always.

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